When your heel hurts Seattle Heel Pain Center is the choice for diagnosis of the cause, and for treatment to facilitate long-term relief. We have earned the trust of countless referring physicians and satisfied patients. Our doctors, Dr. Douglas S. Hale and Dr. Lawrence Z. Huppin are talented and experienced physicians with advanced training and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of heel pain.

If your heel hurts, whether one of them or both, you should make an appointment today to be seen by one of our doctors, who will help you find the relief you seek.

When your heel hurts, the most common cause of your pain is a condition known as plantar fasciitis, the over-stretching of the plantar fascia, usually due to a lack of proper arch support.

We have also developed a 10-Step Home Treatment Plan for Heel and Arch Pain which may help you find relief when your heel hurts. Follow the treatment plan rigorously for the next three weeks and, if your heel pain does not improve, you should make an appointment to see us as soon as possible afterward.

If you happen to live outside the Seattle area, please contact a podiatrist who specializes in heel pain in your area. We have put together a list of recommended podiatrists outside the Washington area to help you, should you need them.

Living with heel pain can make you miserable. The good news is, there is no need to continue to do so. At the Seattle Heel Pain Center, our specialty is helping those whose heel hurts. We are expert in the diagnosis of the cause of your heel pain, and we excel at the long-term treatment of heel pain.

From the use of over the counter orthotics to custom orthotics; from conservative, non-invasive treatments to surgery for chronic heel pain when necessary, Doctors Douglas S. Hale and Lawrence Z. Huppin have the experience and knowledge to help you when your heel hurts.

Make an appointment today.

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