What is the best treatment for your specific nail condition?

Laser, oral medication, topical medication or other treatments?

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Fungal Nail Topical Recommended treatment

As Seattle’s specialists in the treatment of thick and fungal toenails, we know that selecting the correct treatment is the most important aspect of providing you with better looking and less painful nails. If you have toenails that require treatment make an appointment so we can determine the best treatment for your problem. There is no one perfect treatment and all have advantages and disadvantages.

There are Two Main Causes of Thick Toenails.

Know which one you have before getting treatment

fungal thick nails treatment laser

Nail Laser Recommended treatment.

There are two primary causes of thick toenails. The first is nail fungus and the second is a condition called nail dystrophy. Nail dystrophy is caused by repeated micro-trauma to the nail, for example from the nail hitting the top of the shoe over many years.

Although most people think that their thick nails are due to a fungal infection, nail dystrophy is in fact the most common cause of thick nails. Before we can determine the best treatment, we first must determine which one you have.Do not have any treatment for your nails until the underlying cause in determined. Schedule an appointment to determine the cause. 

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Lamisil Tablets Recommended treatment

Evaluation of Your Nails to Determine the Best Treatment

We will first examine your feet and nails and take a history. This can help determine if you have a fungal infection or nail dystrophy. In most cases, however, we will need to take a sample of the nail to send to a lab for a culture or analysis. This is often the only way to determine the difference between fungus and dystrophy as they can look exactly the same. This is a critical step as we see many patients who have spent hundreds of dollars on laser treatment for nail fungus or have taken oral anti-fungal medications only to find that there is no fungus present and that there was no reason to even consider these treatments. To avoid the expense and risk of unnecessary and ineffective treatment,see us for a second opinion before proceeding with any treatment for fungal nails.

Treatment Options for Thick and Fungal Nails

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Nail Grinder Recommended treatment

The best treatment will depend on what we find in your evaluation and lab test of your nails. Fungal nails are often treated with laser therapyoral medications and topical medications. But no fungus treatment will work if you have nail dystrophy. Even if you do have fungus, some of the popular treatments have not been shown to be effective. We will help you determine the best treatment for your particular condition.

During your first visit with us we will provide you with a plan of action for treating the dystrophic or fungal nails. We may be able to provide you with recommendations on the first visit but we often have to wait for lab tests to be completed. Thus, we cannot guarantee that any specific treatment will be performed during your first visit.

We are specialists in fungal and thick nail treatment. For a complete nail evaluation and treatment plan, make an appointment to see us in our Seattle foot clinic. 

A Special Note on Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails 

We have seen many people who have spent hundreds of dollars or more on laser therapy for nail fungus and have had no improvement at all. It is an effective treatment for some patients and not effective for others. Please be sure to see us for an opinion and make sure you have a complete understanding of the limitations and benefits of laser treatment before you spend any money. We’ll make sure you have all of the information to you need to make an educated decision before proceeding with treatment.

Insurance Coverage for Fungal and Thick Nail Treatment

If you have thick, fungal or painful toenails, your evaluation visit is almost always a covered benefit. At that visit we can let you know if there are any services or treatments for your nails that would not be covered.

Information on treating fungal nails with laser and other treatments is available here. 

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