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Sandals for Bunions

Relieving the pain you feel from bunions requires reducing the pressure beneath your big toe joint when standing or walking. When you wear shoes, this is fairly simple to accomplish with either over-the-counter arch supports or custom orthotics. However, it is virtually impossible to slip a pair of arch supports into your sandals or flip-flops, making the decision to wear this comfortable footwear problematic.

orthaheel_flipflop_archsupportThe solution then is to wear orthotic sandals; comfortable footwear with enough arch support to reduce the pressure on the joint and bring you relief from pain.

The most effective way to relieve bunion pain is to decrease the pressure beneath the big toe joint. To accomplish this, increased arch support is necessary to more evenly distribute your weight, transferring your weight from your big toe joint to the arch of the foot, where it belongs. Most sandals and flip-flops on the market today provide little to no arch support, which actually makes the problem worse.

While certainly not a “cure” for bunions, we have found that the best sandals for bunions are the Orthaheel Brand. These sandals and flip-flops are designed to conform to the arch of your foot as closely as possible, providing increased support and stability, which relieves the pressure on your big toe joint.

Because bunions are a progressive deformity of the big toe joint, leading to further complications if left untreated, we prefer that you wear shoes with custom foot orthotics to relieve the pressure on your big toe joint. However, we also understand that many people prefer sandals and flip-flops in warmer weather, or for convenience. If you are going to wear sandals, you will definitely want to choose a pair of orthotic sandals for bunions to relieve pressure and prevent further progression of the deformity.

For more on the progressive nature of bunions and the chronic conditions to which they may lead, please visit our Bunions Page.

The Wave Flip-flop Sandal or any of the Orthaheel healthy flip flops are clinically proven to reduce excess pronation and pressure, and provide excellent support.

If you live or work in the Seattle area and have been suffering from bunions, make an appointment with your Seattle podiatrist today at the Foot & Ankle Center of Washington for treatment and relief of bunion pain.

The doctors at the Foot & Ankle Center of Washington, Dr. Larry Huppin and Dr. Doug Hale, are nationally recognized expert in the use of orthotics and in foot biomechanics. Both are highly trained and experienced foot and ankle physicians who either have been, or continue to be, professors of biomechanics and orthoses at renowned podiatric schools of medicine in the Western US.

Best Sandals for Back Pain

Studies show that some cases of back pain are related to abnormal foot function. As experts in orthotic therapy, we have found that supportive footwear can help reduce back pain—including wearing orthotic sandals.

While we always recommend wearing stable shoes with orthotics rather than sandals, if you want healthy sandals, here are some recommendations:

These are adjustable sporty and stylish sandals. They have built-in orthotic footbeds to help reduce excessive pronation, which can reduce lower back pain and improve posture. If you need a stable sandal to keep feet in their normal position, the Kiwi Slide sandal offers unbeatable support.

These sandals come with an array of comfort features, such as a contoured, patented footbeds, hook and loop adjustments for a custom fit, and technology to relieve symptoms of knee and back pain. The Malibu sandals for women and for men are also designed to help walking become more efficient, by keeping entire body in alignment.

Wearing orthotic sandals keeps the foot functioning normally while not wearing shoes. These sandals decrease the flat footedness and excessive pronation that can contribute to back injury and keep the feet symmetrical while walking or standing. This ensures that both feet function in the same way and at the same speed.

To browse additional orthotic sandals, go here.

Best Flip Flops and Sandals for Arch Pain

Pain in the heels and arches is such a common complaint in our practice that we have created a list of the best flip flops and sandals to prevent heel and arch pain.

The flip flops listed below use cushioning support and built-in orthotics. If you are someone who likes to walk a lot in sandals, an orthotic pair will enhance foot function, stability, and alignment of the foot. However, we recommend wearing shoes rather than flip flops as a healthier choice for your feet.

These sandals for men and women are some of our best-sellers for warm weather and wearing around the house. Here are the best choices for healthy heels and arches:

We have chosen this list of sandals because they provide orthotic treatment and comfort in a stylish and sporty sandal. All listed sandals are medical grade and podiatrist recommended. For a person who is suffering from arch pain or other common foot conditions, orthotic sandals are a good alternative to shoes.

Best Sandals for Fallen Arches

If you have flat feet or fallen arches, one of the best methods to reduce pain is to wear sandals that are quality designed for arch support. Sandals with built-in orthotics can help the entire foot to be pain-free as an alternative to stable shoes.

The best sandals for fallen arches are the Orthaheel Arch Support Sandals. These sandals act to support the arch and cushion the entire foot, creating an even weight distribution. They are some of the best orthotic sandals on the market to encourage the foot to align in its natural position.

One of the problems with fallen arches is the weight tends to be centered on the ball of the foot or the heel area, causing increased chance of pain over time. Wearing arch support sandals can prevent this problem, especially in conjunction with custom orthotics or arch supports in your shoes.

We especially like the Orthaheel Arch Support Sandals because they have some of the highest arches available in an orthotic sandal, allowing the foot to receive the most benefits. The sandals are designed to prevent the arches from collapsing and the heel from rolling inward (overpronation).

If you like wearing sandals in the summer, any of the Orthaheel Arch Support Sandals will keep your feet healthy and functioning properly.

Click here to see all of the Orthaheel Arch Support Sandals

Best Flip Flops and Sandals for Heel Pain

Heel pain and plantar fasciitis is such a pervasive complaint at our clinic that we have created recommendations for home remedies for treating heel pain. One of the most important remedies is to keep the arches supported at all times by never going barefoot during treatment.

To do this, when you can’t wear shoes with supportive orthotics, we recommend wearing flip flops or sandals with built-in arch supports. An arch support keeps the foot from flattening while standing or walking and reduces tightness in the plantar fascia, allowing pain to subside. This is such as important part of treatment for heel pain that if it does not happen, it is likely that treatment will fail.

The best flip flops and sandals for heel pain are the Orthaheel healthy flip flops for men and women. Our patients love these flip flops because they have a built-in orthotic for superior comfort and support. Plus, these flip flops are fashionable and fun to wear, both inside and out.

Orthopedic flip flops allow the feet to heal naturally with a deep heel cup helps stabilize, support and realign the feet back to their natural position. Inflammation and tenderness in the heel is eliminated or reduced, and even problems like lower back and knee pain are relived.

The Orthaheel flip flops are also a good choice for people who suffer from foot conditions, such as overpronation, shin splints, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, and simply having tired, achy feet at the end of the day.

To order the Orthaheel healthy flip flops, click here.

Best Flip Flops and Sandals for Shin Splints

Wearing supportive flip flops and sandals can be helpful for reducing shin splint pain. It has been found that when tension is reduced through the use of a supportive shoe, shin splints are decreased and reoccurrence is prevented. While it’s critical to wear proper shoes to keep leg and calf muscles healthy, orthotic flip flops are a good alternative if you want a more breathable, but also doctor-recommended shoe.

The Orthaheel healthy flip flops for men and women, which can be found here, are the best choices for patients who have shin splints. These are podiatrist-designed flip flops that combine both fashion and pain relief into a practical shoe. All of these styles have built-in orthotics and are made with the highest quality materials, including patented footbed technology and a biomechanical design.

Orthotic flip flops and sandals can help reduce the symptoms and pain associated with painful shin splints in runners and walkers. In addition, wearing a good arch support and proper running shoes keeps the arches from collapsing, which leads to pain.

While orthotic flip flops and sandals don’t completely prevent shin splints, they do help to keep the foot supported and reduce inflammation. If you are going to wear sandals, avoid ones that are poorly made and do not have an arch support.

For the complete list of the best flip flops and sandals for shin splints, click here.

To learn about the causes of shin splints, click here.

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