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Best Way to Trim Thick, Fungal Toenails

One common question we hear from patients at our Seattle podiatry clinic is how to properly trim thick toenails and fungal nails. Trimming the nail the wrong way can lead to ingrown toenails, unattractive nails, soreness, and infection.

The Best Method to Trim Thick Nails

If you read our 6-step guide to trim thick toenails, you’ll know that one of the secrets to keeping thick toenails and fungal nails healthy is using the right tools. Even the thickest nails can be trimmed safely and easily, giving them a nearly normal appearance. Here are some suggestions:

Use a Nail Grinding Tool: An electric nail grinder, such as the PediNova Electric Nail and Foot Care Kit is one of the best ways to cut thick toenails. We suggest one that comes with removable bits specifically made to shape and trim thick nails. This is basically like getting a professional, salon quality pedicure from the privacy of your home. Both men and women can use this electric nail grinder, which includes a convenient travel case.

Soak and Trim: Before trimming thick, fungal nails, we suggest soaking feet in warm water first for 5 minutes to soften the nail area. While the nails are still damp, use the electric grinding tool with a gentle pressure trimming from the top down. Next, thin the sides and use a heavy-duty nail clipper to remove any loose pieces. Always trim nails straight across (not rounded) to prevent ingrown toenails.

Lastly, for women (and men, go for it if you want!), we suggest wearing nontoxic nail polish to disguise a rough, thick toenail and add the finishing touch.

How to Cut Thick Toenails – Podiatrist Instructions

If you have thick toenails or fungal nails, it helps to know how to cut and trim them. Since caring for thick nails is one of the most common questions we receive in our Seattle foot and ankle clinic, this 6-step guide to trim thick toenails was created to help patients and online readers. In it, we explain how to cut thick toenails so they look nearly normal, avoid ingrown toenails, unattractive nails, infections, and soreness.

how to cut thick toe nailsThese instructions greatly reduce thick toenails and improve the look of fungal toenails.. As an overview, it is critical to have the proper tools. The right tools make it easy to trim thick nails and make nails look nearly normal.

We highly recommend the PediNova Electric Nail and Foot Care Kit – available here.

This podiatry-grade electric nail grinder and thinning tool is recommended because it does a salon quality job. It comes with various sizes of disc bits and cones made from diamonds and sapphire.  These attachments are designed to thin, smooth and trim nails, as well as reduce cracked skin and calluses. Both professional manicures and pedicures can be done from the comfort of home using the kit.

Here’s how to use the PediNova Electric Nail and Foot Care Kit:

  • Soak toes in warm water to soften the nail and ease of trimming.
  • To thin the top or sides of the big toenail, use the large sapphire cone bit.
  • To thin the smaller toenails, use the small or large sapphire cone bit.
  • To shorten the nail, use the sapphire sanding disc bit.

For complete instructions, read the 6-step guide to trim thick toenails.

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