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The Best Orthotics in Fit and Function – Foot Orthotics Seattle

Foot orthotics help to control and resolve foot problems, such as heel and arch pain, bunions, pain in the balls of the feet, and a number of other conditions.  There are also orthotics that improve sports performance in people who run, play golf, soccer, bike ride, and ski and snowboard. Supporting the feet in a shoe with orthotics can improve efficiently and alignment of the body. They also redistribute the pressure on the bottom of the foot to make it more even and less likely to cause pain.

How to Choose the Best Orthotics

Keep in mind that not all foot orthotics are created equal. The kinds you can buy pre-made or over-the-counter will not have the same quality as custom orthotics, which are prescribed medical devices. If you want to buy pre-made orthotics, we recommend spending anywhere from $30 to $60. Ones to try include the PowerStep Medical Grade Arch Supports or for a less expensive option, try the Superfeet Green Insoles.

If you are outside the Seattle area and want custom orthotics, be sure to do your research and ask your doctor questions. Print out the page about custom orthotics casting and use it to help you know you’re getting the best orthotics.

Foot Orthotics Seattle Choices

If you live in the Seattle area or want to travel here, we can fit you in a pair of custom orthotics made from a mold of your feet. This is the best choice for orthotics because they are uniquely customized to the shape of your foot. We can also help you determine if you need orthotics because not everyone needs them. Sometimes, a new shoe or an over-the-counter insole is all you need for foot orthotics.

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