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Heel Pain Treatment Kent WA

The most common condition we treat in our foot and ankle clinic is heel pain. We see patients regularly from Kent who take the 40-minute drive up north to visit us in Seattle.

When you come to our heel pain center, the first goal is rapid relieve of your heel pain. The second goal is to evaluate the reason for your heel pain or heel spur. Once the underlying cause is known, you’ll receive a customized treatment plan. Most patients from are able to get back on their feet doing normal activity they enjoy in the Kent area, like walking, trail running, and hiking.

Heel pain, which is also known as plantar fasciitis, has been found to respond positively to the use of orthotics. The foot usually needs an orthotic that conforms extremely close to the arch. We will help you decide whether custom orthotics or prefabricated arch supports are the best choice. Our goal is to provide you the most effective treatment at the least cost.

There are a few other non-invasive techniques used for heel pain treatment and heel spurs at our Seattle podiatrist clinic. These procedures are used if standard treatments do not respond:

Don’t live with heel and arch pain. Travel from Kent and nearby neighborhoods up to our heel pain center for more information. Call today to make an appointment in our convenient Seattle office.

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