Did you know that knee pain is often related to foot dysfunction? This means that proper footwear could have dramatic effects on bad knees.

We have extensive experience with orthotic therapy and have found that a supportive shoe or sandal should have a custom orthotic or built-in orthotic to cushion the foot. A good custom-made orthotic can address the underlying cause of knee problems. In fact, several studies have shown that orthotics reduce can greatly reduce knee pain.

Many of our patients do not want to wear shoes with orthotics in the warmer weather, so we recommend a few choices for bad knees:

All of these casual summer sandals provide arch support and help for bad knees. They come with a build-in orthotic footbed that is designed to conform closely to the arch. This helps keep the knees, feet, and ankles stay in alignment.

There are also sandals for bad knees that are dressier that allow the insertion of a custom or doctor-prescribed orthotic. This is a prescription medical device that is designed to fit the arch of your foot perfectly. If you have bad knees and want to wear sandals or clogs, be sure to purchase a sandal with a removable insole, such as the Women’s and Men’s Naot Sandal. These are stylish, comfortable and supportive.

If you have bad knees and want summertime footwear, try our orthotic sandal suggestions, and make an appointment with a local podiatrist to get evaluated. If you live in the Seattle area and want to visit with Dr. Huppin or Dr. Hale, click here for an appointment.

If you would rather wear flips-flops rather than sandals, check out these Orthaheel flip-flops.

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Dr. Larry Huppin

Podiatrist specializing in biomechanics at Foot & Ankle Center of Washington
Lawrence Z.Huppin, DPM is an internationally recognized lecturer and teacher on orthotic therapy and biomechanics.In his Seattle private practice his focus in on treatment of mechanical problems such as heel pain, bunions, ball of foot pain, athletic injuries and children’s foot conditions.In addition he specializes in toenail problems including ingrown and fungal toenail conditions. He is always focused on helping patients avoid surgery if at all possible and keeping your medical costs as low as possible.
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