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Arch Pain Treatment Seattle

Home TreatmentTop of the Foot Pain

Home Remedies for Decreasing Pain Affecting the Top of the Foot

The most common cause of pain on top of the foot is a condition called dorsal compression syndrome. Basically, when the foot flattens all the bones on top of the foot are compressed together – leading to pain.

The first goal of treating of top of the foot pain is to limit flattening of the arch in order to prevent the bones from compressing into each other. You can accomplish that with the use of proper arch supports and shoes designed with rocker soles to decrease motion. Avoid going barefoot – even around the house.

Follow this 7-Step Plan for 3 weeks. Most people will see relief within the first week or two. If your pain isn’t gone by 3 weeks, see a podiatrist.

  1. Powerstep Medical Grade SupportUse an arch support in your shoes. This will act to decrease painful joint motion by preventing arch collapse. An arch support with a higher arch and some rigidity will work best. These OTC arch supports will not work as well as a quality custom orthotic, but will help. The best one that we have found for foot arthritis is the Powerstep Full Length Arch Support because of it’s semi-rigid and relatively high arch.
  2. womens-slipperAround the house use a slipper with an arch support. For women we recommend this Orthoheel Women’s Slipper and for men we recommend this Orthoheel Men’s Slipper.
  3. Wave-flip-flopDuring summer, avoid sandals or flip-flops that do not have arch support. Instead, we recommend the Wave Flip-flop Sandal – available here. Our patients love this flip flop.
  4. orthofeet-shoeUse a stable walking shoe with a firm heel. The stability prevents the heel from rolling in ((pronating). When that occurs, the arch flattens and the bones on top of the foot are compressed together. One of our favorites is the Orthofeet Shoes for Women and Orthofeet Shoes for Men.
  5. cogentFor even more relief you can use a shoe with a Rocker Sole. Rocker soles are very effective at reducing joint motion. We have reviewed many of the rocker soled shoes and the one we like the best is the Cogent. Compared to most rocker shoes the Cogent Rocker Shoe is much more stable. One of the best shoes for people with pain on top of the foot.
  6. Ice the foot for 10 minutes each evening.
  7. orthogelUse a topical pain reliever such as Orthogel Cold Therapy Relief Gel during the day


Don’t live with pain on the top of your foot. Call today to make an appointment in our convenient Seattle office.

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